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These pages contain information related with the development of a Cortical Neuroproshesis for the Blind. This project is being carried out with financial support from the Commission of the European Communities, specific RTD programme "Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources", QLK6-CT-2001-00279.

This project aims to develop prototypes in the field of visual rehabilitation and to demonstrate the feasibility of a cortical neuroprosthesis, interfaced with the visual cortex, as a means through which a limited but useful visual sense may be restored to profoundly blind people. While the full restoration of vision seems to be impossible, the discrimination of shape and location of objects could allow blind subjects to 'navigate' in a familiar environment and to read enlarged text, resulting in a substantial improvement in the standard of living of blind and visually impaired persons.

The next pages deal with aspects that are relevant to our approach for restoring a limited but useful sense of vision to profoundly blind. For other alternative approaches, follow the links page.

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