Retiner 1.0: a software test bench to essay and simulate retina models

By the CORTIVIS team for WP2 (Univ. of Granada, Spain)

What for?

Retiner 1.0 is a software platform running under Matlab 6.5 intended for a highly parametric simulation of retina models. It presents a friendly user interface allowing to set a variety of retina model parameters, apply the model to an image source, and watch the results of the processing performed in the form an array of spike events.

This software has been developed to allow researchers to essay and adjust retina models, predict its output, and compare it to the same output for biological records under the same stimulus. This way, the team of experts involved in the development of a cortical prosthesis for the CORTIVIS project has a tool useful for the design of the retinal stage of the implantable device.

The fact of being running on Matlab allows almost any mathematical combination of filters to be applied to the model.

The next section describes some of the features of Retiner 1.0.


  • Multiple image sources: allows feeding the retina model simulation with live video coming from a web cam, AVI file videos, and several static image formats.
  • Control of the gain for every color channel of the source.
  • Powerful filter designer: conceived to create definitions of several kinds of spatial and temporal filters (Differences of Gaussians, Laplacians, etc.), and save them to create a user-customizable filter bank. Almost any combination of filters is allowed. Different color-contrast models (ON, OFF, ON-OFF).
  • Configurable receptive fields of different sizes and shapes: this allows to model foveated retinas, for example.
  • User-defined output “electrode array” dimensions.
  • Full-screen output to allow testing a retina model with a Head Mounted Display.
  • Parametric spiking neuron model.
  • The user can save the output to an AVI file.
  • Detailed electrode record viewer: allows selecting and watching electrodes and units for biological records and for Retiner simulated outputs.
  • On-line updates, documentation and HTML help.


Some snapshots…

Source format menus:



The filter design menu:




Temporal filter definition:



Receptive fields design:


Spike events viewer:


Electrode and unit selection:


Retiner working…


More on Retiner 1.0:  Retina-like processing and coding platform for cortical neuro-stimulation. Proc. of the 25th annual IEEE Int. conference of the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society; Cancun, Mexico. September 2003, IEEE Catalog Number 03CH37439C, ISBN: 0-7803-7789-3, pp. 2023-2026.

This software is being developed by Antonio Martínez, Christian Morillas, Francisco Pelayo and Samuel Romero, and any comment or suggestion will be welcomed at cortivis@atc.ugr.es